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Friday, April 23, 2010


Humankind is poised on the brink of an evolutionary leap. In the last few decades, we have become increasingly aware of the source of our inner peace and enrichment. Depending on our personal background, we express this great discovery differently. Ultimately, our inner harmony and abundance depend on how we react to our outer world.

The creation of peace and plenty in our outer world, however, seems hopelessly beyond our control. In the past century, we've supported widespread social reform. Nevertheless, people are still starving in a world capable of feeding all. In our own country, homelessness and poverty are on the rise. Violence is no longer limited to overseas wars: our streets, even our schools, are no longer safe. The environment that nurtures us is ravaged and raped.

When we acknowledge how our reactions contribute to our inner state, we gain control. Our helplessness dissolves when we stop blaming others for feelings we create. Today, as a society, as a nation, as a collective consciousness, "we" once again feel helpless, blaming selfish others for the world's woes. Our nation's laws, reflecting a composite of our individual beliefs, attempt to control selfish others at gunpoint, if necessary. But just do soul-searching and ask yourself whether it’s enough to ensure a better future for our children. Striving for a better world by focusing on others instead of ourselves totally misses the mark.

We reap as we sow. War and poverty are caused, not by "selfish others," but by our own reactions to them. If we wish to change the world, we must first change ourselves. We have to understand that the World is enriching enough to feed all of us. Wealth is created when we use existing resources in new ways. Since creativity is virtually limitless, wealth is too. It will seem funny, but according to me, we are more likely to protect the environment when we own a piece of it and profit by nurturing it. That’s the only way of preserving our environment given our present state of mind. It’s high time we understood that restoring what we have harmed is the best deterrent of all! It’s high time we redeemed ourselves for all the sins we have committed.

In trying to control others, we find ourselves controlled. In fighting for our dream without awareness, we become the instruments of its destruction. Once we have the courage to accept responsibility for our part of the problem, we automatically become part of the solution, independent of what others do. Nothing could be further from the truth! Widespread peace and plenty can be created within our lifetime. When we understand how to stop fueling the flames of war and poverty, we can manifest our dream. If each of us works on the piece of the puzzle that appeals to us the most, the final picture will reflect the composite of our dreams.

Our choices make our world.....Let’s heal the world, one at a time.....Lets TOUCH each other with solidarity and compassion......Let’s make this World a better place to live in......Join the TOUCH Revolution.....Be the Change......

----- Sandip